Kokadi Baby Carrier Flip Z Performance Air ERNA IN WUNDERLAND [Toddler size only]


kokadi baby carrier Flip Performance Air - Erna in Wonderland

Sporty and airy, we present to you our new kokadi Flip Performance Air. The Flip Performance Air features soft polyester mesh, seat support and hip belt, and allows good air circulation to help you avoiding those unfortunate sweaty moments. The padded knees provide extra comfort and cushion shocks during sports activities. It is particularly well suited for sports parents and hot summer days.

With additional benefits to the Flip Performance, the Flip Performance Air offers some more features that gives your baby pleasant temperatures. You can zip the Jacquard panel back for revealing a polyester mesh. It is easy to use and offers the usual kokadi comfort.

The headrest is also removable by an enclosed zipper and can be replaced by a more airy headrest. You will get two different headrests - one made of kokadi Jacquard wrap and one of polyester mesh.

More information on Kokadi Flip can be found in Product Details - Kokadi and FAQs.

Accessorise your carriers with Kokadi strap protectors (drool pads) too! Matching drool pads are available here.

Please note that actual product may not have the same colour placement as stock pictures.


Erna in Wonderland 

Parents and their babies love Erna! Bright light blue and flashy magenta give a unique baby carrier! Our most popular baby wrap design combines with this genius fullbuckle baby carrier. The baby wrap fabric is made of 100% organic cotton. 

material: 100 % organic cotton
colors: pink/türkis
weight: ca. 225 g/m²
weaving: Jacquard


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