Kokadi Baby Carrier Flip Z ALVEN SCALES


Kokadi FLIP - the baby carrier made of the original wrap fabric with hip belt and shoulder straps to buckle. Finally united: a practical baby carrier, easy to put on made with the fabric of Kokadi wraps!

More information on Kokadi Flip can be found in Product Details - Kokadi and FAQs.

Accessorise your carriers with Kokadi strap protectors (drool pads) too!

Please note that actual product may not have the same colour placement as stock pictures.


The new kokadi scales edition is inspired by the Alven, tiny fairies from the Netherlands. They are wingless beings, with bodies so light that they are translucent, who float through the air inside of water bubbles.These tiny beings like to frolic in the moonlight, dancing through the night along the edges of their watery homes. Though they inhabit all lakes, ponds, and rivers, the River Elbe is their sacred homeland. They are lovers of the moonlight and the natural guardians of night-blooming flora.  

This lovely baby wrap, woven from organic cotton offers an incredible comfort. We’ve woven this baby wrap in a Jacquard Tri-Weave: it makes it perfect for newborns and toddlers alike. 

Grab this sophisticated scales wrap and continue with your very own fairytale! 

material: 100% cotton GOTS certified 
weight: 250g/m2
weaving: Tri-Weave Jacquard


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