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Product Details - LennyLamb

About LennyLamb

The LennyLamb project can definitely be called a family business run by people fascinated by the idea of babywearing. All of our products are manufactured in our factory in Poland, where owners and employees do their best to ensure that both babies and their guardians feel safe and comfortable whilst babywearing. Our products are unique simply because people involved in creating them are unique.


They are available in one universal size – 2.1m long by 0.7m wide. Perfect for everyone. Ring Sling can be used for babies up to 15kg.

Please remember that LennyLamb wraps are chemically processed in final stages of manufacturing, so they can shrink a bit during first wash (3-5%). 

More information on LennyLamb ring sling and the user’s manual can be downloaded here

*All LennyLamb ring slings brought in by Fluff Mail are pleated shoulder unless otherwise stated with the exception of LennyLamb Basic Line Ring Sling which comes in gathered shoulder.


LennyUp Standard Size – Adjustable (from 2 months old 3.5-20kg) 

 What are the advantages of the LennyUp carrier?

    • It has a wide range of regulation options which enables you to carry your baby from the first weeks of life to around 2 yo (Fluff Mail has tested it to be comfortable till about 3-4yo)

    • It enables you to carry very small children, even younger than 4 months

    • You can use it with children smaller / bigger than average

    • It grows with a baby

    • It enables you to carry siblings in different sizes - depending on the needs

I choose LennyUp if:

    • I’m searching for a universal carrier growing with a baby

    • I love adjustment!

    • ...and a pocket on the waistbelt!

    • I’m searching for a carrier for a small baby, from the first weeks of life

    • I’d have to carry children of different sizes in one carrier

    • I prefer a detachable hood

Video of LennyUp here.


LennyLamb Certificates

We are proud to offer products which meet the highest quality and safety standards !

All fabrics used for making our wraps and carriers are highest quality fabrics made of the finest yarn, all yarn and dyes used for LennyLamb fabrics have the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate.



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Curious about  
the quality 
of our products?

Our products are considered
to be very well made 
and very durable !
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They will serve you 

for many years to come 

(definitely look for opinions

 on babywearing forums).

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All LennyLamb products 

and their components are made 

and manufactured 

in the European Union!

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Confirmed by certificate!

Our dyes are free from
any heavy metals and toxins 

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Our suppliers
have been carefully chosen
and all of them hold
current quality certificates

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We guarantee...
 ...that your little one
will adore
our cute Lenny
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Place your order now!

We will make sure your DISO 

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100% natural Cotton!

Our carriers are made from cotton 

and dyes that are produced 

in Poland and made in a way 

that is safe for baby. 


How should I wash my LennyLamb carriers?

LennyLamb recommends spot clean and handwash only when necessary.

Laundry detergents: We recommend to wash with mild cleansing agent which does not contain brightener and softener. Please ensure that your detergent is suitable for the fabric blend of your fluffs (eg silk blend).

We do not favour any brands but if you need some recommendations, you can get Ecover or Earth Choice that are readily available at the hypermarkets/supermarkets in Singapore.

NO tumble drying, no bleaching, no dry cleaning, no ironing!