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Product Details - Kokadi

About Kokadi

We combine fashion with an eco-conscious lifestyle! We use the finest raw materials. Turkish organic cotton is the best in the world! It’s especially grown for us and of course fair traded and tailored in the EU for best quality! 

Our young team is living these values. That’s why kokadi became one oft the most important specialists in eco-conscious and fashionable babywearing worldwide.


Our baby carriers in a absolutely trendy design. The perfect alternative to a baby wrap, a practical carrier, simple to put on with high-quality kokadi baby wrap fabric!

The kokadi Flip baby carrier is a so-called Full Buckle carrier. That means the waist belt and the shoulder straps can be closed and opened with buckles. The kokadi Flip Baby Carrier is made of woven baby sling fabric at the back panel. This feature offers a very high comfort for parents and children.

The headrest is also completely made of sling fabric and can be attached to the shoulder straps. It supports the child's head when it’s asleep. The headrest can be used as headgear for protection against sun, wind and rain. Furthermore, rolled up and buttoned in the shoulder straps it's an additional neck support.

Link to video here.

Details and measure:

► All the fabrics are made of 100% GOTS organic cotton unless stated otherwise.

► The two shoulder straps of the carrier are padded with soft thick foam

► The hip belt is padded with relatively thin but firm foam

► The baby carriers fits up to a waist circumference of 137 cm

► Our baby carriers are adjustable at the hip belt with Velcro and real alternative to the normal wrap.

► The headrest protect against sun, wind and rain. Rolled up, it stabilize as a "neck pillow."

► When your child is older, the arms may be carried out.

►The FLIP in toddler size and pre-school XL size have an extra buckle on the back for a better weight distribution for larger children who can sit by themselves.

 Tested till 15KG

Suitable for age

Dress Size

(Similar to height)

Width of panel

Height of panel

Baby size

Newborn to 1 / 1.5 year old

up to 80

42 cm


Toddler Size

1 to 2.5 year old

74 to 98

47 cm


XL Size

2 to 3 year old

86 to 104

52 cm


Designed with passion in Munich. Made with love in EU

The Kokadi Flip is adjustable at the body panel to suit newborn onward and "grow” with your little one to achieve the ideal knee-to-knee posture at all times.

What is Flip (2-point buckle) and Flip Z (3-point buckle)?

Kokadi Flip uses 2-point buckle at waist belt with a safety elastic band.

Length of waist belt: from 56-107cm (22"-42")

Kokadi Flip Z uses 3-point buckle at waist belt. The additional safety feature replaces the safety elastic band.


Length of waist belt: from 64-137cm (24"-50")


What is Flip Performance Air?

Sporty and airy, we present to you our new kokadi Flip Performance Air. The Flip Performance Air features soft polyester mesh, seat support and hip belt, and allows good air circulation to help you avoiding those unfortunate sweaty moments. The padded knees provide extra comfort and cushion shocks during sports activities. It is particularly well suited for sports parents and hot summer days.

With additional benefits to the Flip Performance, the Flip Performance Air offers some more features that gives your baby pleasant temperatures. You can zip the Jacquard panel back for revealing a polyester mesh. It is easy to use and offers the usual kokadi comfort.

The headrest is also removable by an enclosed zipper and can be replaced by a more airy headrest. You will get two different headrests - one made of kokadi Jacquard wrap and one of polyester mesh.


Kokadi Certificates

Kokadi Flip fulfills the US American safety standard ASTM F2236-14.

For us, quality and security go hand in hand

Our baby wraps are exclusively manufactured in a high organic quality (GOTS certified) . Our KOKADI materials are herbicide-free & pesticide-free as well as organic & sustainable. Thus, they are particularly skin-friendly, saliva and sweat resistant.

We are pleased to announce that the latest test results for our baby carrier Flip Oldschool Monochrome achieved the evaluation “good” (which is the second highest score to be received) at Oeko-Test 08/2016.

Only the best for you and your baby

We use solely 100% organic seeds for our processed cotton. The plants from our plantation are fertilized organically without using herbicides and pesticides. Therefore, pests are controlled naturally. After the cotton is fully ripe, it’s carefully harvested by expert hands and processed to high quality cotton: our raw material for your wraps.

Cotton in hand

How should I wash my Kokadi Flip?

Did you know that KOKADI has been pre-washing all its products since the company was founded? Thus our KOKADI baby carriers and wraps are so cuddly and soft! An investment that we would like to offer you as a free service - so you can save the crucial first wash. The fibers swell, soften, join and provide optimum protection. Therefore you can use your new favorite product immediately after unpacking and discover the world with your little sweetheart. However, if you mind the dust and possible dirt during the shipping process, please wash your Kokadi Flip before use.

Kokadi recommends hand wash when necessary with sensitive detergent. Due to the processed foam, we advise against the wash cycle in the washing machine. The foam is specially produced for our products: it reverts to its original shape after use. This function can not be ensured over time with machine wash. 

We do not favour any brands but if you need some recommendations, you can get Ecover or Earth Choice that are readily available at the hypermarkets/supermarkets in Singapore.

NO tumble drying, no bleaching, no dry cleaning, no ironing! 


The kokadi ring slings offer you and your baby new liberty. One side of the wrap is sewn onto one ring, and the other side of the wrap is threaded through both rings to create a secure hold. It’s easy and ready fast! Just pop your baby in your sling and pull it tight and you’re done! You can carry your baby comfortably on your hip or on your chest. Your baby will feel your heart beating, and the warmth of your skin and will snuggle close. You can use your kokadi ring sling starting right after birth and up to toddler age, on the hip. The kokadi ring sling is a loyal attendant on your way and helps you give your baby cuddles and safety!

*All Kokadi ring slings come in gathered shoulder. 


Size Length Width
Onesize ca. 175 cm ca. 77 cm