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Product Details - Buzzidil

About Buzzidil

Buzzidil is based in Austria and founded in 2010. The woven wraps used for its products are also woven locally, meeting the GOTS certification for organic cotton or are Okotex-certified. The baby carriers are patented. It is one of the very rare carriers that allow long mileage to be used as young as 2 months old and adjustable to be used till 36 months or beyond.

Babycarrier for babies aged 2 – 36 months, 3.5-18kg

Convenience for Babies:

  • back panel grows steplessly (width: 21 - 42 cm | 8.3 - 16.9", height: 32 - 42 cm | 12.6 - 16.5"),
  • ergonomic sitting position; for small babies (< 6-8 months) shoulder straps can be connected with the hip belt to avoid pressure on babys developing back
  • for toddlers with advanced development of their back (> 6 – 8 months) shoulder straps can be connected with the back panel: weight is evenly distributed between hips and shoulders of the person carrying the baby.
  • sling fabric perfectly enwraps the back of your baby.

Convenience for Parents:

  • carrying in a wrap (sling fabric) without need for wrapping
  • padded and adjustable shoulder straps,
  • shoulder straps can be used in various ways (parallel or crossed over your back – just as it is more comfortable for you)
  • structured hip belt distributes weight of your baby from your shoulders to your hips (especially when shoulder straps are connected tot he back panel of the carrier)
  • Waistbelt is adjustable between 67-140cm (26.5"-55")
Link to video here.

    We use quality material only (our sling wrap is mainly woven in Austria according to the strict Austrian quality regulations; for shoulder and hipbelt we use 100% organic cotton (GOTS Certified) being tested for their resistance to saliva and spittle; Duraflex quality buckles). To prevent manipulations of the buckles on the shoulder straps by toddlers and accidental opening, we use 3-point-security buckles. The Buzzidil Babycarrier is patented.

    What are the differences between the carriers of different pricing?

    The Buzzidil carriers offer a price range of carriers. The higher end carriers are usually made from woven wraps of other wrap companies. The waistband and shoulder straps use either the same woven wraps, or GOTS certified organic cotton.

    The mid range carriers use organic woven wrap for the body panel and hood. The waistband and shoulder straps use GOTS certified organic cotton. All fabric used for these carriers are organic cotton.

    The economy range of carriers use organic cotton for the waistband and shoulder straps. The body panel is made from Okotex-certified woven wraps. The hood uses printed fabric.

    Buzzidil Certificates

    Buzzidle fulfills the safety standard CEN/TR 16512 and ASTM F2236-14.

    Please ensure you follow the instructions carefully.


    How should I wash my Buzzidil?

    Care: Machine wash (30°C/86°F )with mild detergent on gentle cycle; please do not bleach or tumble dry! Close all fastenings before washing. It is strongly recommended to wash the babycarrier only if absolutely necessary. Any washing is destructive to seams and fastenings.