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Product Details - Kinderpack

About the Kinderpack

Handcrafted in small batches in the USA!

The Kinderpack is a totally different kind of soft structured carrier.  It features a uniquely shaped and contoured body panel that creates a molded and rounded seat for baby’s bottom. It conforms to your child so naturally! The Kinderpack cradles their legs in upward comfort by fostering the recommended “bottom-lower-than-knees” seated position. This puts baby in a proper, ergonomic, and supportive positioning more intuitively than any other carrier.  Kinderpack's innovative body panel design eliminates leg, pelvic, and spine pressure, which is typically caused by legs dangling in other baby carriers. 

      The Kinderpack is also in a class of its own by offering 4 sizes for your child, including one of the only carriers on the market specifically designed for preschoolers!  Our infant size boasts an adjustable base to change the width of the carrier- the only full soft structured carrier to do so. The standard size is perfect for those who want to buy once, keep forever. The toddler size is the best choice for your little one that is approaching 13.6kg or 81 cm, and wants to be arms-in. And for those bigger kids who still want to snuggle and need a little help keeping up with the older ones, we offer the preschool size- no other carrier on the market is as large. Preschool size is also a great carrier for older children with special needs.

Sizes for the child:

Infant: up to 2 years, 3.6-16kg (8-35lbs), starting at 56cm (22") tall

The infant size has a width adjustable base. It has a buckle mechanism that allows the parent to cinch the base of the carrier to different widths to allow very young babies to be legs out, with proper positioning and without an insert.

15″ h x 9-15″ w

How to wear your newborn in an Infant Kinderpack

Link to video here.

Need help to fine tune the seat and height of the body panel? Here is a great video.

Standard: 8mo-3 yrs 9-18kg (20-40lbs), starting at around 76cm (30") tall

Please realize that the standard will fit up to 3 years old/4T. This is the size to buy if you want to buy one carrier without having to size up later.

 16″ h x 17″ w

Sizes for the adult:

The Kinderpack is available in 2 sizes, standard or plus size, for a custom fit for you:


      Size 0-22 (19-20″ straps+ 13″ of webbing; waistband fit 26″-60″)

     Plus size:

      Size 18 and up (24″ straps+ 13″ of webbing; waistband fits 26″-60″)- great for large busted women, and tall men.

      *Plus size straps on infant and standard sizes can be used by parents that may not meet the minimum recommended clothing size



   Straps and Waist

The shoulder straps are slightly contoured with an integrated, quick adjust chest strap.

Kinderpack first innovated the "Perfect Fit" strap length adjusters. This feature can shorten the length of the shoulder strap for your “Perfect Fit”. If tightened, you can also loosen them to create more space for nursing.

The shoulder strap is generously padded for optimal comfort and is shaped just enough to avoid the dreaded underarm rub.

The semi curved, 3 part waistband conforms to most body shapes without pushing your pants down (this is a common problem with many other carriers!)

   Hood or Sleep Shade

All full panel (non-Koolnit) have a 2 piece lined hood that is aviator shaped. Very cute!  The hood features the completely exclusive ‘stuff and snap’ hood design. Simply stuff the hood inside the body when not in use and snap the 2 piece structured headrest together!

This also creates a pocket for soft items such as a diaper. Very convenient! You dont have to choose between a carrier with a headrest or a hood- the Kinderpack has both!  The Kinderpack hood also features a buckled hood tie.

*Note: Kinderpacks with Koolnit, or mesh of any kind, have flat, rectangular sleep shades instead of the shaped hood.

   Body panel

The 3 piece shaped contoured body is the first of its kind. The curved pieces form a bulbous seat pocket for baby’s bottom that curves in at baby’s back. This exclusive shaping promotes proper support and follows the shape of their little bottoms and backs, making their wearing experience as comfy as it can be. There really is a difference!


As with all Kindercarry baby carriers, canvas is the main fabric used for straps, body, and internal layers.  Our carriers are some of the most supportive and sturdy on the market. All structural components are made from 8 oz Brushed Canvas, and then paired with a fashion print for style. Each Kinderpack has an internal layer of canvas or twill inside the body. Shoulder straps, webbing, and waistband are reinforced with bar tacking internally and X or V box reinforcement you can see on the outside at all joining points.   All of these details make for an extremely strong and durable baby carrier.

** Please be advised that soft structured carriers are made to be worn more loosely than mei tais and wraps. This may take a little getting used to if those are the kinds of carriers you are used to wearing. Tightening your straps as far as they go, and then easing back on the buckle slightly, will give you your best fit. Avoid tightening straps too tightly- this will cause neck strain and underarm rub.

*Consult your instruction booklet for more detailed wearing information, as well as tips and tricks.

What is Koolnit?

Koolnit is a technical mesh fabric that is designed to keep baby cooler. Keep in mind that any carrier is going to be hot in really hot weather, but Koolnit will allow air flow to baby to help in moderately hot weather. Our Koolnit Kinderpacks can be used all year long, but really shine in warmer months. Koolnit is a non stretch small holed medium weight mesh. It is very similar to the mesh that is used on running shoes and mesh caps.

Are Kinderpacks safety tested?

Yes! We are tested to the current US government standards, per the CPSA, CPSIA, and ASTM.  We meet and exceed all standards set forth for infant and child safety, when used according to instructions.  This means that you can know that your Kinderpack is a high quality, safe product for your baby!  We are also proud members of the BCIA, a professional organization of baby carrier manufacturers and retailers, who keep us informed of all new and upcoming compliance issues. 

What kinds of fabrics and materials are used?

We currently only use 8 oz 100% brushed cotton canvas for the whole carrier, and cotton prints for the decorative panels. These can be of decorator weight or quilting weight. Your Kinderpack may also have Koolnit, which is a mesh fabric. The foam in the Kinderpack is polyolefin and cushion poly foam. All threads are nylon. All buckles are nylon and acetyl. All webbing is nylon. All snaps are nylon. All components are certified free of lead and other toxins, per CPSIA regulations.  No flame retardants.

How do I launder my Kinderpack?

Spot wash when appropriate. When machine washing, wash with a load of towels.  Always set washer to the largest load size for extra water to dilute darker dyes. Do not dilute detergent.  Do not use non-premium detergents, or soap.  In particular, do not use “Ecos” brand detergent, or other alternative detergents.  Tide is best, or another mainstream brand like All or Gain etc. No bleach. Tumble dry, low temp, until damp.

On occasion, bleeding may occur, even if washing instructions were followed.  Please inspect carrier for bleeding BEFORE putting in the dryer.  Do not place in dryer if bleeding occurs.  Stain treat the spots with Oxiclean spray or Zout, and re-wash.  This will usually take care of it.

No warranty claims will be honored for damage done during washing, due to varied detergents, washing machines, and washing methods.

*Note that we no longer recommend using Shout Color Catchers*


Kindercarry warranties your Kinderpack for 1 year on purchases made from our website or an authorized retailer.  Within the year of purchase, if something should happen to your carrier that is deemed beyond normal wear and tear, please contact us. Our carriers are handmade and may have slight variations that do not affect safety or use. Measurements may vary slightly, as well as stitching variations.  These instances are not considered flaws.  If flaws are noticed on a new purchase, claims must be made within 30 days of receipt. The original owner is the only person who can make manufacturer warranty claims.  Warranties are non-transferable. 

Criteria NOT covered by warranty- Kindercarry will not be responsible for:

- any carrier that has been altered in any way, including, but not limited to, repaired, dyed, painted, added on to, etc.

- damage done to items not used as intended or instructed.

- Any bleeding or fading of the fabric of the carrier. (please remember to follow the washing instructions in the FAQ)

- updating or retrofitting previously purchased Kinderpacks to the model’s current design specs.

- variations in stitching

- repairs to Kinderpacks that are not covered under our 1 year warranty.

Each situation will be evaluated on an individual basis. 

Fit Gallery

We want to provide you with real life "fit pics", so that you can compare your child's size to these children, which will hopefully give you a better idea of which size Kinderpack to choose!

For this baby, we suggest the infant size. The standard is far too big, even cinched. In the standard, baby isn't visible or kissable, and legs are over extended. This is dangerous!

(Prints are: Fantasy Forest with KN, left; Lotus with KN, right)

For this child, we would suggest a toddler size, though standard is a great fit for arms out.

(Prints are: from left to right; Fantasy forest with KN, Lotus with KN, In the round with KN, Flock with KN)

For this child, we would suggest a toddler size.

(Prints are: From left to right; Ergo, Urban Elephants, Semi-custom Zombie Apocalypse with KN)

For this mom, standard is her normal size, but she can fit plus if she wants to have a more versatile option

(L print is Safari, and R print is Composed)