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Choosing a suitable baby carrier

1) What are so special about woven wraps? 

Woven wraps are loomed for the specific purpose of carrying a child close to your body. These woven wraps are produced such that they can provide enough support to take on the weight of your child. At the same time, the specific weaves and blends used will allow the woven wraps to be airy (especially important in tropical Singapore!) without sacrificing the supportive requirements for your babywearing needs. It can even be a piece of art to be admired while wearing your baby!

2) Why do we need conversion products made from woven wraps?

Wrap conversion ergonomic baby carriers and ring slings allow the wearers to enjoy the benefits of woven wraps, with less dependency on wrapping skills.

3) What are the different types of carriers available? 

i) Ergonomic baby carrier (soft structured carrier)

ii) Ring sling (including water ring sling)

4) What are the pros and cons of soft structured carrier and ring sling?

i) Soft structured carrier: Straight-forward, easy to put on and adjust. The weight of the child rest on both shoulders which helps to distribute weight evenly, including to the waist or hip areas. Most manufacturers do not recommended for newborns till their neck control is stronger. KOKADIKinderpack and LennyUp are the few brands that can be used for newborns without infant insert. Buzzidil can be used from 2 months onwards.

ii) Ring Sling: Suitable for newborns. Allows quick ups and downs for the little one, especially useful when the little one is cranky. Compact enough to fit easily into the diaper bag (or briefcase or some handbags!) and less warm for both the baby and the wearer. It "grows" with your baby and can be used till toddler age. However,  the sling design only allows one shoulder to take on weight at a time.

    5) What are the different types of weaves used?

    I) The broken-twill weave is the most common and is generally used in woven wraps for carrying children.

    ii) The diamond weave is known to be more supportive for its diagonal stretch. 

    iii) The Jacquard weave allows more complex design where there are two sides of the fabric. The right side and the wrong side has opposite colour weaves in most cases.

    6) What are the different types of materials used?

    Cotton is known to be skin friendly, airy and absorbent. It is light and can be easily washed.

    Bamboo is known to be exceptionally light and absorbs moisture with antibacterial properties. Woven wraps made from bamboo fibers can evaporate moisture effectively. Bamboo grows fast and is easy to cultivate and hence the production of bamboo is more environmental friendly.

    Linen is known for its exceptional coolness in warm weather. However, it is more difficult to stay in shape and creases easily.

    The materials can also be blended to produce unique characteristics. 

    7) I am interested in the carriers but I'm confused by baby, standard, toddler sizes etc. How do I select? 

    Each brand name their sizes differently. Even the smallest size can differ among different brands. It is best to refer to the product details or speak to us if you need help.

    Product detail pages:





    8) Which products would you recommend for my newborn?

    We recommend newborns to be carried in Kokadi Flip baby size, Kinderpack infant size, LennyUp, Buzzidil or ring slings, .

    The Kokadi Flip can be used from newborn without the need for infant insert which is suitable for our tropical climate and the body panel is cinchable to grow with your little one. The shoulder straps are attached to the waistband to prevent unnecessary pressure on the little spine that is developing quickly. You can select from full woven wrap panel or the Perfomance Air which has a mesh body panel. You can find the video on using Kokadi Flip here.

    The Kinderpack infant size can be used from newborn without infant insert and the body panel is cinchable. The koolnit series have mesh body panel to beat our tropical heat! You can find the video on using Kinderpack infant size here

    LennyUp uses soft and lightly padded waistband and shoulder straps. The panel is cinchable to fit 2 months old (min 3.5kg) without infant insert. The hood is removable and there is a pocket on the waistband to hold your small items like keys and cards.

    Buzzidil can be used from 2 months old till 36 months. The wrap conversion carrier is made from organic cotton yarn. There are options to connect the shoulder straps to the waistband for young babies to prevent unnecessary pressure on the baby's spine.


    Ring slings would have a slight learning curve in adjusting the rails of the fabric but it is easy to bring around once you get the hang of it.

    9) I can't decide between Kokadi, Buzzidil, Kinderpack and LennyLamb.  Can you help me?

    If you prefer a more "sturdy" feel with padded waistband and shoulder straps, you may consider Kokadi, Kinderpack or Buzzidil. The body panels are made from woven wrap so your baby continues to enjoy the softness of the material. If you prefer soft waistband/shoulder straps, LennyLamb would be the carrier to go for. These carriers come in different panel sizes (except Buzzidil) for different stages of your baby. You should refer to the recommendations by the manufacturer and make your decisions based on your baby's size. Please DO NOT use oversize carriers as it could pose danger to your baby in the carrier and support will not be optimum for yourself.

    If you are looking for a supportive carrier with longer mileage, Buzzidil would be suitable to be used from 2 to 36 months with its adjustable panel in both width and height.

    Please refer to the table below for more details and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


    Kokadi Flip Baby

    Kokadi Flip Toddler

    Kokadi Flip Toddler XL

    Buzzidil Versatile Standard

    LennyLamb Ergonomic Carrier Baby

    LennyLamb Ergonomic Carrier Toddler

    Main features

    -From newborn

    -Adjustable body panel

    -firm padding on waistband and shoulder straps

    -100% organic cotton

    -Adjustable body panel

    -firm padding on waist band and shoulder straps

    -100% organic cotton

    -Adjustable body panel

    -firm padding on waist band and shoulder straps

    -100% organic cotton

    -Adjustable body panel

    -firm padding on waist band and shoulder straps

    -Mostly 100% organic cotton

    -thinly padded waistband and shoulder straps

    -Choices of weaves and blends

    -thinly padded waistband and shoulder straps

    -Choices of weaves and blends

    Recommended age*

    Newborn to 18 months

    10 to 24 months

    18 to 30 months

    2 to 36 months

    4 to 18 months

    18 to 36 months

    Body Panel - width


    Up to 42cm

    Up to 47cm

    Up to 52cm

     Up to 42cm



    Body Panel - Height





     Up to 42cm



    Suitable weight






    Length of waist belt

                           Flip 56-107cm (22"-42")  

                           Flip Z 66-127cm (24"-50")

     67-140cm (26.5"-55")

               66-135cm (26"-53")

    Legs out paddings




    Perfect fit adjuster




    Shoulder strap to waist belt/body panel

    Waist belt only

    Waist belt and body panel

    Waist belt and body panel


    Waist belt and body panel

    Body panel only

    Body panel only

    Wrap conversion

                            Body panel

    Various options are available


    Country of origin

                           Made in Europe

    Made in Austria

             Made in Poland

    *Every baby is different. Please use the measurements as a better guidance. Use the carrier only when your baby is ready.


    10) I'm already perspiring like mad in our weather. Is there a carrier that won't make us perspire?

    With skin-to-skin/body contact, it is inevitable that both wearer and baby may perspire in our weather. In fact, most babies are not bothered by the heat and perspiration. All babies like to be carried and love the skin contact with you! Babywearing allows both parties to regulate body temperature. If a baby is resting on the mother's chest, the temperature of the chest area will reduce naturally. With the range of carriers, you can find the material suitable to your babywearing needs.


    1) Are the products listed on Fluff Mail safe for my child?

    We are proud to offer the Kokadi carriers that uses GOTS certified organic cotton also tested by tested by Oko-tekst. The material is safe for delicate baby skin (coming with an additional advantage of being saliva and sweat proof). The carriers also fulfill US American safety standard ASTM F2236-14.

    Buzzidil carriers use quality material only (our sling wrap is mainly woven in Austria according to the strict Austrian quality regulations; for shoulder and hipbelt we use 100% organic cotton (GOTS Certified) being tested for their resistance to saliva and spittle; Duraflex quality buckles).

    Kinderpack carriers are tested to the current US government standards, per the CPSA, CPSIA, and ASTM.  We meet and exceed all standards set forth for infant and child safety, when used according to instructions.  This means that you can know that your Kinderpack is a high quality, safe product for your baby!  We are also proud members of the BCIA, a professional organization of baby carrier manufacturers and retailers, who keep us informed of all new and upcoming compliance issues.

    LennyLamb carriers meet the highest quality and safety standards under the United States Regulations (ASTM F2236-14) and European Regulations (EN13209-2:2006). All LennyLamb fabrics are made in Poland using yarn and dyes that have achieved the Oko-tekst standard 100 certificate.

    2) People say my child's legs are opening too wide!

    According to the International Hip Dysplasia, the healthiest position for the hips is for them to fall or spread naturally apart to the side. The thighs should be supported while the hips and knees bent. 

    3) How do I keep my child safe in the carrier? 

    As advised by School of Babywearing UK, remember the TICKS.

    4) Do my fluffs come with warranty?

    All products come with one year warranty which will cover manufacturer defects but not natural wear and tear or damages resulting from incorrect care/usage. Proof of purchase must be provided.


    1) How do I pay for my fluff?

    You can pay via PayPal upon check out using your credit/debit cards with added buyers' protection. It is not necessary to create a PayPal account if you do not want to. Payment can be made using the "Pay using my debit or credit card" option instead of the "Pay using my PayPal account" option.

    If you prefer to make payment via PayLah/PayNow, please message us so that we can reserve the fluffs for you manually. PayNow UEN (company registration no): 201434085N (Before pressing NEXT button, press DONE button on your keypad and you should see it linking to Fluff Mail Pte Ltd).

    2) Would you give me a receipt?

    For online purchases, please keep your order confirmation email as proof of purchase to be eligible for one year warranty. If you have made payment via other modes, you can expect a printed receipt with your fluffs.

    *w.e.f 1 December 2017, we will not be printing any hardcopy receipts for your online purchases. Please retain your emails as proof of purchase if you need to claim warranty or after sale services. Thank you for helping us to do our little bit to go green.

    3) Can you help me pre-order designs/size not available in Fluff Mail?

    Yes, of course! For items not listed in Fluff Mail, please contact us. Do note that waiting time for pre-orders may take 4 to 8 weeks to arrive. Additional terms of purchase can be found here.

    4) Are there shopping cart protections?

    Products placed in the shopping cart DO NOT give you any protection until you reached the payment page. Even at the payment page, the products could still be “snatched” if no payments are made within a few minutes  - enough time to just log in your credit card information and mailing address. Make your decisions early so that your check out won't be delayed.

    5) I'm not sure if I'm using the carrier after purchase. Where can I get help?

    We would be happy to help you check the fitting! Send us pictures of front, sides and back (no hands blocking) and we can advice from there. Contact us here.


    Local deliveries and International shipping

    All purchases include free local delivery. Please refer to our page for Delivery for more details.