Kinderpack Wrap Conversion Symphuo by Girasol with Koolnit




This Half Wrap Conversion Kinderpack is made with Girasol's "Symphuo". A unique rainbow, and is paired with cloud Koolnit and backed with cloud canvas!

Wrap Conversions

All Kinderpack Wrap Conversion carriers are made exactly like our original Kinderpack carriers, while substituting gorgeous machine woven or even handwoven baby wraps as the visible outer layer. This provides a gorgeous aesthetic!  We have also paired our wrap conversions with our fan favorite koolnit mesh, to allow for the best of both worlds: a gorgeous carrier thats not too thick, and very breathable! The woven print is not just on the outside of the panel, but also on the outside of the waistband and the straps, for an overall cohesive look! The entire interior of the carrier is our standard brushed canvas.  

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