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Buckle Carrier or Ring Sling?


(Left picture) Buckle Carrier: Kokadi Flip Buckle Carrier Hedwych in Wonderland

(Right picture) Ring Sling: Kokadi Ring Sling Diorite Stars

1) What are buckle carrier and ring sling?

Buckle carrier is designed with a structure, usually with waistband and shoulder straps, and a panel where the baby sits. The webbing can be adjusted to wearers of difference built.

Ring sling is a long piece of fabric with 2 rings sewn on. The fabric needs to be pulled and tightened.

2) When can I start using the carriers? 

Most buckle carriers are adjustable to suit newborn from about 3.5kg. When using your baby carrier, make sure it suits your baby's current age/size. Ring slings can be used from birth onwards. If you would like to start using a carrier before baby reaches the minimum weight of the buckle carrier, ring sling would suit small babies better.

3) Which one is easier to use?

Buckle carrier has 2 main buckles which need to be clipped on - one on the waistband and one at the back to prevent the shoulder strap from sliding off.

Ring sling is adjusted by pulling the fabric.

Most parents find buckle carrier easier to handle while some find it faster to adjust the ring sling so it depends on your preference.

*Tip: Watch more Youtube videos on how to adjust a ring sling. Practice, practice, practice!

4) Which one will not give me backaches?

Buckle carrier have the baby's weight distributed on the waistband and two shoulder straps so it's more comfortable for long walks. Ring sling is a one-shoulder carry so it could be quite strenuous when baby gets heavier. Ring sling will be suitable for small babies or during short walks as baby gets heavier.

If the buckle carrier or ring sling is not adjusted properly, it can also lead to backaches or shoulder aches. Speak to us if you need help.

*Tip: Remember that you just made a baby inside you and you are recovering from delivery! Focus on building up your core muscles again and don't push yourself too hard.

5) Which one is better for our weather?

The body panel of buckle carrier where baby sits is usually sewn with 2 layers of fabric while ring sling uses only one layer, so the latter is usually less warm. However, if your buckle carrier is made from supportive and breathable materials such as a woven wrap, it can be very comfortable despite the double-layer. Organic cotton, bamboo, linen or silk blend make a difference in our warm weather too.

6) Which one is lighter?

A buckle carrier is usually between 0.7-1.2kg. Ring sling is usually about 0.5-0.6kg only so the latter is lighter and less bulky.

Within the buckle carriers, carriers made for a wider age range such as 0-18 months old vs 0-36 months old, would mean that more fabric is needed for the older stage. You could be carrying the extra 0.5kg every time for the next few years.

It depends on individual needs which is more suitable for you. For example,

-a light weight buckle carrier till 18 months is sufficient

-a ring sling is sufficient for short period of carry

-your budget allows only one carrier all the way to 3-4 year old

-you have an older child who will be sharing the carrier with the newborn

-you plan to get a toddler carrier when 1st baby is older and pass the baby size carrier to 2nd baby.

7) Can my baby face out?

All buckle carriers sold at Fluff Mail are not meant for forward facing. Although the carriers can be adjusted for such carry theoretically, our manufacturers do not encourage forward facing for many reasons, just to name a few:

-it is not ergonomic for both baby and parent

-baby may get overstimulated

-baby may feel insecure and easily frighten by surroundings

-it is just a phase as many babies would want to face in after a short period

Back carry using buckle carrier is recommended if your baby would like to see the front from over your shoulder. It is also more ergonomic for you.

Forward facing using a ring sling is also not recommended. Back carry using ring sling is only recommended for advance wearers.


(Left picture) Back carry in Kokadi Flip Buckle Carrier Just Lagoon

(Right picture) Back carry in LennyLamb Ring Sling Little Herringbone Impression

No matter which type of carrier you choose, may it be a buckle carrier or ring sling, please ensure that you purchase from authorised retailers so that the carriers are authentic and safety-tested. Counterfeit, unbranded, or untested carriers could be dangerous for your baby!

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