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Tips when using buckled baby carriers #ownselfcheckownself

Position of Back Clip

Did you know that the positioning and adjustment of the back clip can affect the weight distribution of your carrier?

Our mannequin toppled upon moving the back clip too high as all weight went to the back of the neck area.

Example of "Too Wide":


Try playing with the adjustment to see which position suits you best.



Width of panel (for adjustable baby carriers) 

Adjust the panel width as your baby outgrows the current setting to ensure our little ones have the optimum support all the time. It also helps with the weight distribution for the wearer.

Neck support

Do you know both Kokadi Flip and Buzzidil Versatile have adjustable neck support for young babies? 


Height of panel

Think your little one has outgrown the carrier? It may not be the case! The positioning of the bum could take on too much fabric lowering the height of the panel.

Tips: If the height of the panel is ending too high on your baby covering the head, try seating the bum further from you so there will be more fabric below the bum instead of going up that covers the head.


Example of panel being too high:


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